Category: Design

1 September 2021

App Store Description for a Kids Mobile Game

The first draft of of app description of Math it Right 3D Adventure is done. This highlights the main features and fun elements of the game. You’ll notice repetitive keywords and succinct sentences for a better ASO (App Store Optimization).  Studying math can be tricky and boring, especially for kids. Math it Right 3D Adventure is here to bring […]

4 August 2021

The maze, the puzzle and the riddle

You are probably ending up on this page looking for a solution of the maze posted our Instagram. Congratulations this is the right place.  So what? Why? How? Well I like maze. I like puzzles. I like riddles.  And so I wanted to combine the three. That may create something interesting.  The maze  First let’s […]

7 July 2021

The treasure hunting for times tables

For the past few days I’ve worked on the main game loop and mechanics. The treasure hunting for times tables.First the generation of maths equations. Depending on the type of operation chosen by the player, addition, subtraction, or multiplication the system generates a set of operations. Basically for each operation, we have two operands, an […]

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