7 July 2021

The treasure hunting for times tables

For the past few days I’ve worked on the main game loop and mechanics. The treasure hunting for times tables.
First the generation of maths equations. Depending on the type of operation chosen by the player, addition, subtraction, or multiplication the system generates a set of operations. Basically for each operation, we have two operands, an operator and a result.
Then the system spawns the world with integers corresponding to the results of the generated equations. The world is divided into 81 areas, a 9 x 9 grid, where numbers are dropped evenly.
The last part of the game loop is to assign an objective and runs a timer based on the distance between the player and the target.
The user interface now includes a mini-map and big map to support the orientation of the player in the world.
In this build there are also few cosmetics changes to simplify the colour palette; and added extra props in the world such as a temple, a farm and a little city.

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