2 December 2021

Building a hub world for your game that entertains

Some parts of the game and levels may ring a bell. That’s probably because I’ve been greatly inspired by existing games in some areas. And for instance, Super Mario 3D World for which I played all the way through with my little boy. 

Building a hub world

For instance the hub, the first gameplay experience. A hub gives structure. a more engaging way than a simple menu showing selectable levels. In the game, the hub is a top-down view of the world, a small world map with various nodes for levels. Similar to the famous plumber hero, the main character, the little dragon Pilipili, hangs out in a safe environment to start tasting the game experience and feelings. 

The hub is low-key and low-stakes. The hub is mainly a central way to run from place to place to start a stage. This is the player’s home, the safe haven. A simple introduction to the game. A good hub provides various game features that enrich the experience, and especially narrative, style and exploration. 

You start right after crashing your spacecraft. Running around, learning the basics moves. Then, you’re in front of the game’s main collectable, chilli peppers, a gameplay hint, and an immediate goal to accomplish. An easy peasy hidden tutorial. 

A relaxing safe, no risk taken

 The low-stakes tutorialization means the hub world is a relaxing safe, no risk taken. This leaves space for exploration and secrets. In the early stages, the tortuous jungle opens different paths to explore. They eventually lead to a central gateway but the different collectables along the way give a sense of choice and exploration. 

Later on, The hub becomes an important element of the overarching story. The hub acts as a prelude to the game’s chapters, with themes and lines of dialogue. Characters may comment on how far you reached and praise your efforts. 

A hub is a fantastic aesthetic immersive menu, especially when this also has great orchestral soundtracks. A safe tutorialization in larger gameplay, a step into deeper storytelling. 

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