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17 March 2023

Solid principles for game development

As a game developer, there are a number of principles that are essential to keep in mind if you want to create a successful game that resonates with players. While the specific details of game development can vary from project to project, the following principles are universal and should be considered for any game development […]

31 January 2023

Game storytelling and narrative design

Game storytelling and narrative design involves creating a compelling and immersive narrative that enhances the player’s experience and engagement with the game. This can include developing characters and their backgrounds, creating a believable and consistent game world, and crafting a compelling plot with meaningful choices for the player to make. Some key elements of game […]

18 December 2022

Designing a Pirate Game

Designing a pirate game can be an exciting and rewarding experience for game developers and players alike. There are many elements to consider when designing a pirate game, including the setting, characters, gameplay mechanics, and overall theme. One important aspect of designing a pirate game is the setting. The game could take place in the […]

30 October 2022

Play With Mathematical Sequences and Series

Mathematical sequences and series are some of the most useful tools in mathematics. They can be used to solve problems in almost any field. Playing with numbers can be both fun and challenging. These sequences will help you play and learn at the same time! The concepts behind mathematical sequences and series are often presented […]

24 October 2022

Designing a Space Game that’s Fun and Unique

Space games have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether it’s the captivating visuals or the epic storylines, these video games are all about taking you to new worlds. But how do you create a space game? Well, there are many factors that play into creating a successful video space game. The most important being […]

9 October 2022

Back to the Future: The Resurgence of Retro Gaming

It’s hard to ignore the recent trends in retro gaming, as it appears that this industry has undergone some sort of renaissance in the past few years. In fact, retro gaming has become so popular that there are even business opportunities available where you can resell your old games and earn money in the process. […]

2 December 2021

Building a hub world for your game that entertains

Some parts of the game and levels may ring a bell. That’s probably because I’ve been greatly inspired by existing games in some areas. And for instance, Super Mario 3D World for which I played all the way through with my little boy.  Building a hub world For instance the hub, the first gameplay experience. […]

5 November 2021

Game Design Idea, how to generate catchy level names for your game?

This week I was looking for ways to describes the levels in the game, a meaningful and catchy approach, somewhat more meaty than a classic level 1, level 1-1, world 1 etc. And I ended up playing with a website providing Super Mario Maker Level Name generator on Perchance, a website dedicated to generate random […]

1 October 2021

Math it Right 3D Adventure, the Background Story

Early one morning, a dragon was running through the town center, jumping over the puddles of water and burping nervously. The small green dragon, whose name is Pilipili, had sky blue spikes on his back that stood tall like mountains, tiny purple wings that didn’t help him fly at all! Big round eyes and a large smile […]

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