1 September 2021

App Store Description for a Kids Mobile Game

The first draft of of app description of Math it Right 3D Adventure is done. This highlights the main features and fun elements of the game. You’ll notice repetitive keywords and succinct sentences for a better ASO (App Store Optimization). 

Studying math can be tricky and boring, especially for kids. Math it Right 3D Adventure is here to bring in a new, creative way to spark attention and excitement towards math, by introducing an extraordinary and fun experience for kids and adults of all ages. 

Join Pilipili the Dragon 

In Math it Right 3D Adventure, you play the role of Pilipili, a dragon that crashed his spaceship in a strange yet beautiful jungle. Your focus is top try and find the items you need in order to get back home and save your city from the evil Thanatos. It won’t be easy, but you have to use the power of maths in order to fulfill your mission and win the game. 

Test and improve your maths knowledge 

Math it Right 3D Adventure features 3 gameplay types which are spread over 5 themes and 15 levels. The game has a time trial, but also infinite flying modes. There’s also a platforming element, where you explore the level and acquire numbers to unlock gates. All modes help you learn major, important maths lessons that you can use in the long run. 

Collect chilli to unlock new areas 

Within the game you will also encounter lots of chilli peppers. Pilipili loves chilli, and this can actually help you a lot because the more you acquire, the more areas you can unlock. However, you do have a limited number of lives, 3 per level. You will get more for each 10 chilli peppers you acquire within the current level. 

Engaging, exciting adventures 

Each new level comes with its own maths challenges and new adventures, as well as new objectives. There’s always no shortage of options, since you can play how you want and improve your maths skills. You can learn addition, subtraction and many other math skills while trying to fulfill the goal within each level. Since every level gets progressively harder, you get to put your skills to the test and have a lot of fun. 

Explore an amazing game world 

Every game world is handcrafted in order to bring in a sense of fun, excitement and enjoyment. Some worlds are easy to explore, others bring in major challenges, but you always get to encounter challenges and surprises spread all over the map. Math it Right 3D Adventure rewards exploration, and you will have an incredible time going through every corner of the map! 


  • Help Pilipili the dragon get home 
  • Test and improve your maths skills 
  • Beautiful, handcrafted worlds 
  • 5 themes, 15 levels to play through 
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