16 August 2021

Making of the second level and how to introduce changes to keep the entertainment ball rolling

Level one was done recently, complete, ticked the boxes of an introductory level with tutorial elements and easy ride. A solid vertical slice of what Math it Right 3D Adventure is and will be. 

Now let’s ramp up the challenge and continue the journey on a game that entertains and educates. Let’s add a twist to keep generating some curiosity and interest in exploring and playing the game.

Level 2 also known as Berry Bean Boogaloo Beach

 I’ve introduced two major changes for this second level, named Berry Bean Boogaloo Beach. First of all the dragon is flying and gliding. No jumping or wandering around. Pilipili the dragon follows a defined track, made up of a 3d spline, and explores the paradisiac sandy cove of Berry Bean Boogaloo Beach. For the spline follower, I am using the asset Splines by Dreamteck which is featured in their game LifeSlide.   

 In effect, the dragon follows a track and adjusts its speed based on boost requests when tapping on him. Collisions with the stage and obstacles also trigger a dramatic change and reversal of speed with a camera shale and visual effects. The player can move around a certain area of the track allowing to move around. Pick up items and dodge the dangers. A fun gliding experience. 

The Times Table of 2

 The second level is the introduction to the first time table, starting at 2. The one table of multiplication does not bring much interest and challenge so let’s just keep it all together. Along the defined track the player encounters a series of about 20 spots along the track when random numbers are displayed. Some of them, and most of them being the correct results of the current progression within the 2-time table; progressing from 2 x 2 = 4 till the end 2 x 9 = 18. The level is completed when capturing correctly all the entire 2 times table.   

 The last change with the level build is the collectible chilli peppers accumulating between levels now allow to open areas in the hub world. That’s what I found the best way to keep the exploration open while putting some boundaries that can be opened with level progression.   

 The next and third level is Flip-Out Fishy Fortress; a dangerous temple with flying fish. Stay tuned.   

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