Space Banger 85

1985. The space race never stopped. Corporations, supra nations and organisations explore and exploit the solar system. You are Kold Serling, a mineral collector working for your own account. Your last contract is near Jupiter’s belt. You’re on the last leg of your journey, and you can finally see Jupiter’s belt in the distance. You’ve been out here for weeks, and you’re getting tired. But the pay is good, and you need the money to retire.

As you leave Jupiter’s orbit, you realise that something is wrong. There are no radio signals, no lights, no signs of life at all. As you get closer, you see the debris of spaceships and satellites orbiting the planet. It’s clear that there’s been a war of some sort. But who could have fought? And why? You don’t know, but you’re determined to find out. You land your ship on the surface of the planet and begin to explore. What you find is a world that has been completely devastated. There are no survivors, no bodies, no clues as to what could have happened. But as you keep searching, you begin to find evidence of a battle. A battle between two forces that were so evenly matched that they destroyed each other in the process.

You don’t know who won the war, or if there even was a winner. But as you look at the destruction all around you, you can’t help but feel that it was all for nothing. That the only thing that was accomplished was the annihilation of two great civilizations.



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