29 June 2021

The prototyping of Math it Right 3D Adventure, a 3D treasure hunter game to learn arithmetic and times tables

Of the challenging aspects of building a game there is especially, one, finding what is actually entertaining. And Pushes you to play more, and two complete a game development project as a finished product. With these 2 goals in mind, I’ve started a new prototype with the intention of completing it this time around.

Maths Project

This new project is Math it Right 3D Adventure a fun educational game for little ones, roughly 5 to 8 years old, around math and especially arithmetic with a 3d treasure hunter twist.

While some say maths are fun, getting attention from kids to learn arithmetic and times tables is a steep challenge. So the intention here is to ease the learning task such as memorising times tables, basic additions, or subtractions of integers as a fun experience. Let’s gamify arithmetic and times tables.

Unity 3D Assets

Thanks to the Unity Asset Store there are several solutions that helped to kick start the project with impressive outputs in a short period of time. This is not an exhaustive list but includes the main tools

Gaia 2 – Terrain & Scene Generator by Procedural Worlds. A system that generates terrain with terra-forming and texturing functions. The stamping tool helped me to define the overall shape of the island. The solution includes additional tools and scripts such as a character controller

Kinematic Character Controller by Philippe St-Amand. A set of low-level scripts to help to build a precise and responsive character controller. This requires you to get your hands on the code but get impressive results. With smooth and tight control of a third-person character.

The new Input System from Unity helped to build versatile controls between gamepads,  touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse. This makes the game a truly multi-platform solution.

Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water by Dustyroom. The very customizable solution for cel-shading. It gives a nice cartoonish look with great controls on the rendering.

See some video and pictures of the early preview. More to come soon!

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