Math it Right 3D Adventure

Play some great and exciting math challenges with Math it Right 3D Adventure, the only math game you need for your kids aged 6 to 9 years old. Join Pilipili the dragon on his quest to master the foundation of arithmetic operations and times tables, defeat the mischievous Thanatos and save your friends from Dragon City. Math it Right 3D Adventure is the numbers’ wonderlands on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and macOS.   

Ride the Dragon to an Epic Adventure   Beware! Thanatos and his minions have taken over Dragon City and have crashed Pilipili’s spaceship to the farthest reaches of the mighty Razzle-Dazzle Banzai Bay. Pilipili is off wandering through mysterious worlds to find the legendary golden chilli peppers. Whatever you do, be sure to put an end to Thanatos’ evil plans and save your friends from Dragon City. It won’t be a piece of cake, and you will have to use the power of mathematics to fulfill your mission and save the day!   

Challenge Your Kids’ Knowledge of Elementary Arithmetic

Learning math can be a fun activity you can enjoy with your kids. It all comes down to finding a unique approach that makes the experience entertaining. Math it Right 3D Adventure is here to bring in a creative way to spark attention and excitement towards learning arithmetic and multiplication tables, by introducing an extraordinary and fun experience for little kids. Your child will learn step-by-step while the game slowly increases the difficulty of the operations. Each play will help to learn important math lessons that you can use in the long run.  

Explore an Amazing Game World 

Every game world is handcrafted to bring in a sense of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. Some worlds are easy to explore, others bring in major challenges, but you always get to encounter challenges and surprises spread all over the map. Math it Right 3D Adventure rewards exploration, and you will have an incredible time going through every corner of the map! Make use of the power of mathematics as you chase down Thanatos and his cavalcade of minions.

Game and Educational Features

The story of Pilipili the Dragon 

Early one morning, a dragon was running through the town center, jumping over the puddles of water and burping nervously. The small green dragon, whose name is Pilipili, had sky blue spikes on his back that stood tall like mountains, tiny purple wings that didn’t help him fly at all! Big round eyes and a large smile covered his face. Pilipili was late for an important mission. 

You see, Pilipili didn’t like being late, but for one reason or another, he was always late. Just look at what happened today! He was just sipping on his morning chilli cappuccino, minding his own business like any good dragon does, when he had an itch inside his tiny nose. A completely harmless itch, if not for the fact that it was starting to turn into a sneeze! “NO NO NO, not now!” thought poor Pilipili. But alas, such mighty powers of a nose itch cannot be stopped, so Pilipili accepted his fate. The sneeze was barely audible, but of course, the reaction to it was as you would expect. 

Do you understand now? If not, try to imagine this – A dragon, chili cappuccino, and a sneeze. Still don’t get it? Well it was certainly a fire hazard, that much I can tell you clearly. By the time poor Pilipili had managed to douse the fire that had burned half his kitchen down, he was tremendously late. Exceptionally late some might even say. 

So you can understand now why the townsfolk of Dragon city were seeing the green dragon run and skip through town. They just shook their heads, already quite familiar with the ways of the silly dragon. But what they didn’t know is that Pilipili is actually a very important person, a very important and super-secret person. 

Now, how well are you at secret keeping? Because you are about to see the inner workings of the secret society of dragon city, only the worthiest have access to that kind of information! You see, Pilipili is an explorer, he travels super far in his small spaceship in search of the elusive golden chilli. The golden chilli has been a mystery for centuries, travelling through myths and stories told by dragon grandpas. 135 years ago, the secret organisation of Search Group for Golden Chili, also known as SGGC, talented dragons have been recruited who search the universe, from one planet to another to look for the mythical chilli. 

Which is where Pilipili is going now, on a new mission to look for the golden chilli again. after running through the town, Pilipili finally has reached the secret base on the other side of the mountain, where a spaceship waits for him. The crew tuts at him for being so late, but they know Pilipili is never on time. They don’t really mind though, because in the end Pilipili brings home the most chilies, and they believe if anyone can find the golden chilli it would be him. 

Soon Pilipili straps himself in the ship and launches through the sky in seconds. He has always preferred going on solo missions, this time was no different. The loneliness of the space surrounded him soon enough, with only the stars for guidance, he started going in a random direction. His gut telling him something big might be on his way today. What he didn’t know was that something big might be a hoard of asteroids. The hoard was waiting in the corner, minding their own business, but as is the habit of asteroid hoards, they cannot resist attacking spaceships, and so they did. 

There was hardly any time for Pilipili to dodge the attacks, soon there was a loud boom and all went black 

This is the preview of the first level of Math it Right 3D Adventure Gameplay. Made with Unity 3D and to be available on iOS, AndroidWindows, Linux and macOS. The small green dragon, Pilipili, had sky blue spikes on his back that stood tall like mountains, tiny purple wings that didn’t help him fly at all! Big round eyes and a large smile covered his face. He was late for an important mission!