Shrot Run

The game is Shrot Run, and no this is not a typo “I’m Shrot and I’m not short!” says the fearless cherub.

Shrot is our home-schooling project led by our 5-year-old boy while the schools were temporarily closed. Join Shrot on his quest to defeat the mischievous King Chomp and save princess Federline by completing imaginative levels in Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Beware! King Chomp and his minions have taken over the Macatara Island and have flung Shrot to the farthest reaches of the mighty Jungle. Shrot is off wandering through mysterious worlds to find the legendary bubble blaster. Whatever you do, be sure to put an end to King Chomp’s evil plans and save princess Federline!

The courageous little boy must run, jump through series of obstacles and fight his way through each part of the island to save the day and discover the secrets of the magical bubble blaster. Cross colourful handcrafted seas, lava lakes, jungles, ancient temples, race tracks, asteroid fields and snowy mountains to get there.  

Make use of cool power-ups like an electric bubble, ice-freezing bubble, shrinker bubble, teleporter, super jump and ultra-speed, as you chase down King Chomp and his cavalcade of minions.